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How Back Pain Occurs

Back pain is a condition that many people struggle with each and every day. What most people do not realize is that everyday lifestyle choices may be the cause of their back pain. Over time the constant stress on their backs causes degeneration of the spine and the back muscles. If you are one of the many that endures back pain each day, or you want to prevent it in the future, avoid these six bad habits in the future.

Poor Posture and Back Pain

Have you ever caught yourself slouched over at your desk, and you asked yourself, “how long have I been sitting like this?” Bad posture, while sitting or standing, puts an incredible amount of stress on your spine. Over time, your spine can actually change anatomically, leading to severe pain. To relieve some pressure off of your spine, try sitting at a 90-degree angle. Also, try standing with your feet slightly apart, knees straight, shoulders back, and your chin slightly tucked. This may feel unnatural at first, but once you make a habit of it, you will effortlessly begin to stand/sit this way.

Being Sedentary

So many people sit all day at work, just to come home and sit on the couch. Not only does this lead to weight gain, which contributes to back pain, but also research has shown that people who do not exercise regularly are more likely to suffer from back injuries and pain. It is important to get up and get moving. If you work a desk job, try to stand up and walk around throughout the day. This small break will help get your blood moving, which will help to decrease inflammation and reduce muscle tension.

Weak Abdominals and Back Pain

Abdominal muscles help to stabilize the back. For this reason, it is almost impossible to have a healthy back without a healthy core. Incorporate a broad core workout that includes strengthening your transverse abdominus. This muscle is vital in supporting your back. The ‘plank pose’ workout is great for this muscle. Try to avoid only doing the traditional sit-ups and crunches; these do not directly work the abdominal muscles that help stabilize your back.

Stress is Getting to You

When you are stressed out, your entire body tightens. Your shoulders, neck, and back muscles are especially prone to this. If these muscles never get a chance to relax, due to constant stress, they will start to cause you pain. Take a few deep breaths when you feel your muscles getting tense throughout the day. This will increase blood flow to your muscles.

Lifting Incorrectly With Your Back

When lifting a heavy object, so many people incorrectly lift with their back, instead of their legs. This can lead to severe back injuries, such as a herniated disc. When lifting, be sure to get close to the object, bend your knees, and lift with the strength from your legs. Lift straight up and avoid twisting, all while keeping your back flat. Avoid creating a C-curve in your spine. Lifting with your legs, without bending your back, will help to protect your spine.

Not Stretching Your Back

Not stretching can cause muscle tightness, which will put a deep strain on your back and hips. Stretching improves circulation and relieves stress throughout your body. Try to incorporate 10 – 20 minutes of stretching into your daily routine. Many stretches, such as pulling your knee into your chest while lying on your back, specifically target the lower back. Stretching will also help to strengthen the ligaments and tendons that support your spine.

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