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6 Natural Pain Relievers to Help with Chronic Pain

Unfortunately for most, chronic pain can last from weeks to years. Although this type of extended discomfort is usually the result of a serious injury or illness, there isn’t always a specific reason as to how the pain comes about. Fortunately for most people who experience chronic pain, you don’t need to know the specific root of the irritation in order to treat it. More importantly, those living with chronic pain can find relief in a natural way – sans medicine or surgery. Upon speaking with a medical professional who is experienced in pain management, pinpoint the exact areas you are experiencing the pain – and utilize any of these simple, healthy and safe solutions to deal with it accordingly.


  1. Heat

Applying heat to an affected area is a powerful, and oftentimes underestimated, method of pain relief. When placed on an aching, tight stiff joint or muscle, heat actually increases oxygen flow, which brings about healing nutrients to the area. It also prevents pain signals from traveling further throughout the body, giving you a much-needed period of relief. Whether you choose to apply a heating pad, soak in warm water or wear a heat wrap, the benefits of heat therapy will be sure to help almost instantly.


  1. Trigger Point Injections

Similar to the natural remedy known as acupuncture, trigger point injections are an outpatient procedure that can be performed at a number of pain management centers. Specifically created to reduce the pain found in certain trigger points, medication is injected into small, tender knots found in muscles or the fascia, causing each targeted area to relax. A simple procedure that lasts no more than a collective few minutes, the treated areas will feel as if there is no pain – and patients can go on about their daily routine, after stretching and moving the cured muscle group post-injection.


  1. Massage Therapy

When we pencil in a luxurious 90-minute massage appointment at our favorite day spa, it’s obvious we’re going to indulge in a total and complete hour and a half of R and R. However, when the technician focuses on certain sore, tender muscles or joints that have been bothering their customer, they are doing way more than providing a quick shiatsu. Through manipulation of both simple touch and pressure, massage therapy makes blood flow more evenly throughout the body – which, in turn, nurtures and heals the soft tissue that is chronically in pain.


  1. Meditation

If someone turns to meditation for help, then relieving chronic pain truly becomes a mind over matter experience. A guided practice of continued and extended thought, meditation allows us to reflect on, envision, and create better ways to cope with the chronic pain that we experience. This treatment method helps us to stimulate and strengthen certain areas within our brain that are used to process the pain, which eventually leads to reducing the intensity of the overall pain experienced. Another helpful benefit? Meditation is known to decrease stress levels, which also helps cut back on feeling those dull to extreme aches – so doing it on a daily basis is a good tactic if you’re looking to manage the discomfort.


  1. Stretching

Even if you don’t have chronic pain, stretching is super beneficial for every part of our body (mental health included). But since chronic pain limits a lot of our body’s motion –influenced strongly by where it is located – stretching becomes a crucial part in nixing that ongoing hurt. After you consult a medical professional on which types of stretches are optimal for your situation, perform them regularly to loosen up your body’s sore muscles, bones and ligaments. If the pain is intolerable, apply a heating pad to the sore area for fifteen minutes – or soak in warm water – before starting your stretch routine. While stretching has been proven to alleviate aching and throbbing, be mindful that it can take up to weeks, or even months, for your body to truly loosen up and benefit.


  1. Spice and Herb Consumption

Those spices and herbs that we find tucked away in our kitchen cupboards actually do way more than add flavor and zest to our home-cooked meals. There are two in particular – willow bark and turmeric – that have been used by many to relieve chronic pain. Mainly praised for getting rid of inflammation (a primary cause of pain), willow bark can be chewed on, consumed in a liquid form or brewed as a dried herb. Turmeric, a spice often found in curry, is full of amazing, pain-fighting antioxidants. Even though it has been utilized for many issues, it has also been known to lessen pain symptoms when consumed orally, as people who suffer from arthritis have reported.


Those who live with chronic pain should not settle with their diagnosis of long-lasting discomfort. Instead, they should be proactive, and try out new ways to alleviate aches and strains for good. Along with these six natural remedies, anyone suffering should request an appointment at one of Premiere Pain Center’s New Jersey locations – complete with a board-certified staff of pain management associates, patients can expect to receive optimal care and cutting edge treatment for their chronic pain.