Pain Management: The First Option

By John Mak, MD, Board Certified Pain Management Specialist

Patients routinely wonder who they should see first for their chronic pain.  Interventional pain management physicians seek to eliminate or diminish many pain conditions via minimally invasive procedures, rather than using major surgical intervention as a first option.  On average these minimally invasive procedures take 10-15 minutes to complete, with minimal or no recovery time required.

To further illustrate the difference between major surgery and pain management, I use the analogy of a patient that discovers he has a blockage in his heart arteries.  Does he seek treatment from a cardiothoracic surgeon for his blocked arteries or from an interventional cardiologist?  An interventional cardiologist is the next logical step, as the blocked arteries can be treated with minimally invasive artery stenting or angioplasty.  In a majority of the time, it is not necessary to proceed with open heart bypass surgery with a cardiothoracic surgeon.  Similarly, a patient with back pain can be treated with minimally invasive procedures by a pain management specialist, rather then proceed with major back surgery as the first option.

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